According to Japanese legend, there was once a giant school made up of thousands of koi fish swimming up the Yellow River in China.  As they swam, they gained strength by pushing against the current together.

However, once the koi fish reached a waterfall, most turned back and went with the current because the journey became too difficult.  Those who remained attempted to reach the top of the waterfall.  And they kept trying for one hundred years.

At last, one koi successfully leaped to the top of the waterfall.

To reward this dedicated koi, the gods turned it into a beautiful golden dragon.  The waterfall has become known as the “Dragon’s Gate.”  To this day, legend states that any koi who has the strength and perseverance to complete the journey up Dragon’s Gate will become a heavenly dragon.

This year’s Tri-Service Dental Symposium symbol is the koi fish.  We hope that together, we can swim upstream and continue challenging ourselves to seek greater dental knowledge and expertise.


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